Ian MynderupPaul Abajian

Full-service video production company in Fresno, California

Founding partners Paul Abajian and Ian Mynderup have partnered to form a video production, motion design, and visual fx studio in the hub of California.

Paul started his career at the age of twelve, spending his summers on the sidelines of the Dallas Cowboys taking pictures with the camera his dad gave him.  Not for money, just for the free stuff the players would give him (some things never change).

Ian on the other hand began his illustrious career drawing on the walls of his parents house where his artwork still stands today as a sign of parental encouragement.

Both didn’t know exactly what to do, so they meandered for a while and stuff happened.

Both took ceramics in college.

Both considered being attorneys, then said “nah”. Money isn’t everything (is it?).

Both turned down jobs they probably shouldn’t have. Ian at Brand New School, Blind and Fat Box…Paul with Roger Corman.

And both have the middle initial J (the comparisons are almost Lincoln/Kennedy-like).  Ian thought about fulfilling a childhood dream of driving a garbage truck, while Paul was actually driving one. Finally while Ian discovered something called After Effects; Paul discovered non-linear editing and both realized they loved movies, the cinema, films or pictures as they used to be called.  Ian began to work for ad agencies while Paul started his own production company based at Paramount Studios. Paul created a baby video for his kids with a camcorder that became a video of the year for Parenting Magazine, while Ian discovered 3-D animation and began to integrate it with motion design. Both began wearing many hats, learning how to produce, direct, edit and post everything from :30 TV spots, corporate long-formats and web videos. Till the one day when Ian met Paul and they knew it was much more than a hunch that these two would somehow form a company and you know the rest.

MantraHouse is an end to end video production company based in Fresno, California.