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No question about it.  You need this picture style if you shoot on the 5D. Best to focus and expose in Canon’s Neutral setting then switch over to Technicolor’s CineStyle just before you hit record.  You’ll have the latitude you need to color grade since the 5D is actually pretty contrasty.

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Just received this off our twitter feed. Apparently, Wacom has been busy. This is one those things that “revolutionizes”.

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Fantastic work by the Mill. Innovative touch screen for clients that visit them. It showcases their body of work with an illuminated touchscreen display.

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The Fresno Rescue Mission spot posed a couple of challenges. It required a broken down swing in an urban setting (which we didn’t have access too) and some compositing work.  We replaced elements in the shot, did some set extension and built a swing set for the urban scene. We ended up rigging a swing attached to a pipe from Home Depot, which was anchored by 2 combo stands. The final shot has the stands replaced with a 3D swingset.

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