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Video Production to Elevate Your Brand

MantraHouse createsevokesbuildselevates your mantra.

The Services We Offer

Television Commercials

Launch your next campaign with a television commercial that will truly evoke your brand’s emotion and drive consumer response. Learn more…

Corporate Video

Present like a pro with corporate training , safety education, promotional, and presentation videos. Learn more…

Animated Explainers

Present your message clearly, motivate your audience, and reinforce your brand with creative and memorable animated explainers. Learn more…

Jumbotron Animations

Engage your fans in the arena or at the stadium with fun and exciting animations and crowd games that will leave a lasting brand impression. Learn more…

Aerial Drone Photo & Video

Enhance your production with stunning aerial photos and video shot by licensed and insured pilots. Learn more…

Flat Screen Animations

Engage your customers in high-traffic areas with fun and creative flat-screen animations and videos while increasing brand presence and awareness . Learn more…

Web Videos

Grow your audience conversions with custom-tailored web videos that will captivate your fans and leave a memorable brand impression. Learn more…

Digital Media

Increase fan engagement and launch your next digital campaign with custom-tailored fun and creative videos, animations, how-to-videos and more. Learn more…

Website Design & Development

Grow your brand online with beautifully designed responsive websites and landing pages. Learn more…

The Industries We Serve


Increase vehicle sales and brand awareness on your next campaign with a custom-tailored TV/Radio Spot, Web Video, or Digital Media from MantraHouse.

Whether you’re a local dealer or a manufacturer, we can help.  MantraHouse has the experience and knowledge about the automotive industry to deliver a results-driven video production. Check out some of our work. or watch our Automotive Demo.

Banking & Financial Institutions

MantraHouse can help build consumer trust in your bank or financial institution  with custom-tailored video campaign that will leave a lasting impression.

Because trust matters.  The experienced professionals at MantraHouse understand what it takes to evoke consumer confidence in your financial institution.
Check out some of our work.


Are you looking to get the word out about your latest food product or want to increase sales and reservations at your restaurant or chain? MantraHouse has the experience and skills you need to make a lasting impression.

From restaurants to food manufacturers, MantraHouse can help your establishment or product stand out, because we understand your business and we love to eat.
Check out some of our work.

Gaming & Resort

Leave the chance to your guests and place all bets on experience!  Your casino or resort will certainly win with a custom-tailored television and spot from MantraHouse.

The experienced pros at MantraHouse have the skill and knowledge to produce national quality spots that will have your customers remembering your brand for years to come.
Check out some of our work
or watch our Gaming & Resort Demo.


Build trust, loyalty, and most of all, build confidence in your brand with a MantraHouse production that will create emotion and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

From training videos to full fledged marketing campaigns, MantraHouse has the knowledge and experience creating emotionally evoking productions for the medical industry.
Check out some of our work.


Get ahead in the race and win your constituents over with a custom-produced campaign from MantraHouse! We’ll clearly convey your message and position to help you rise above all and win over your audience.

The pros at MantraHouse have the experience and political savvy you need to win hearts and minds.  Whether you just need one spot or an entire campaign, we’re ready to help propel you into office.
Check out some of our work.


Promote your team or brand and engage fans in the arena or at the stadium with fun and exciting animations and games that will leave a lasting brand impression.

From Jumbotron Animations to TV Spots, the experienced professionals at MantraHouse are certainly ready to take your sports experience to the next level.
Check out some of our work.

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