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Launch your next campaign with TV spots that will truly evoke your brand’s emotion and drive consumer response.

Whether you’re launching a brand, promoting a product, introducing a service, or trying to grow a business, there’s no doubt that television commercials are still one of the most effective advertising mediums today. The award-winning pros at MantraHouse are experts at producing national quality television spots that will engage and compel your audiences.

Television commercials, also known as ‘tv spots’, have been the driving force of advertising since the beginning of the traditional marketing world. However, in today’s digital world, many marketers  think that TV is dead, but it’s not.  It’s changing.

Studies by the CMO Council revealed that 79% of teenagers prefer to watch their favorite TV content on home television sets, while 60% percent of Millennials seek a consistent brand experience whether they interact in-store, online or over the phone.


Every major study into advertising effectiveness, including those commissioned by competing media, agrees that TV outperforms all others.


Modern digital tools like age-based segmenting and cross-promotion across social media and other online outlets increase the reach and profitability of your TV commercials while growing brand awareness with audiences that traditional TV may not reach.

With that in mind, many of the television commercials produced by MantraHouse include a series of online videos and digital content that allow your message to be shared on multiple platforms and online mediums.

With our budget-friendly mindset, MantraHouse has created high quality television commercials for household brands like Best Western, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, and more.

So, whether you’re in need of a national TV spot with celebrity figures or a locally-run TV spot with a smaller budget, the award-winning pros at MantraHouse are ready to help you craft your mantra!  We’re experts in producing commercials that will connect with your audience on an emotional level.  Its the core of what we do and where we started in this business.

Planning on adding a radio spot to your campaign? We can help.

Like television, radio advertising has also changed and evolved, finding itself not only on traditional broadcast airwaves, but on digital online streaming services such as XM Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music and more.  The sound pros at MantraHouse can pair your television campaign with custom produced radio commercials that will expand your brand message and audience across the airwaves.

Check out some samples of the Radio Commercials we’ve produced below.

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Check out some samples of the Television Commercials we’ve produced below.

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