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Unmasked Voices Unmasked

Unmasked Voices Unmasked

Suicide is never an easy conversation.  With the lives of so many people being disrupted by Covid19, prolonged shelter-in-place ordinances, and other stressors including business shut-downs and financial struggles, suicide attempts have been on the rise.  For many, simply starting the conversation can be a life-saver.  That's where the Fresno County Department of Behavioral Health...

Zoorassic Park Still 5

Something BIG is back

Watch Them Move, Hear Them Roar. Zoorassic Park opens today! Get in the mood with this teaser spot created by MantraHouse. MantraHouse and Fresno Chaffee Zoo team up once again to create this homage to Jurassic Park; generating excitement for their returning Zoorassic Park exhibit. 3D models were used to create the T-Rex and ominous shadows over the live...

Blog - Which Video Platform to Use

Which Video Platform Should I Use?

Choosing a video platform on which to host your video is critical to the success of any campaign. The information below will help you choose wisely. YouTube As the most popular video platform, YouTube has over 1.5 billion active users every month. Some entrepreneurs have even used YouTube to create their own full-time vlogger career. Since YouTube is the...

Great Read! – These 7 Video Tips and Tricks Will Help Get Your Website Noticed

Video is big. But if its sheer irresistability were its only criterion, Youtube could have gone with the tagline 'No one can watch just one. Parth Misra Guest Writer, Entrepreneur.Com It’s just another day at work: Spreadsheets, conference calls and emails abound. Come noon, and you can’t help but take a quick break. Then, something happens: A sneaky...

Great Read! – A Business Perspective on the Impact of Production Quality on Video Advertising

A compelling story is far more important that shinier production quality. Serenity Gibbons Guest Writer, Entrepreneur.Com The adage, “you get what you pay for,” doesn’t always hold true. When it comes to video advertising, Wistia, a video software company, found other factors drive impact more so than the production cost. In their recently released report, “Does Production Quality Matter...

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