Jumbotron Animations

Engage your fans in the arena or at the stadium with fun and exciting animations and crowd games that will leave a lasting brand impression.

Are you in search of fresh, new Jumbotron animations for your arena or sports complex? Are you looking for a media partner that understands your business and can create a custom animated experience for your audience? The experienced award-winning pros at MantraHouse can produce custom, fun, and engaging Jumbotron animations that will leave your fans wanting more!

Since its debut in 1986 by the San Antonio Spurs, the Jumbotron screen has become a must-have at every major sports complex throughout the country.  From live action shots, player profiles, and scores to sponsor commercials, arena promotions, and animations to engage the audience, Jumbotrons have changed the way we experience sports and arena events.

In an independent study, 87.3 percent of respondents said the Jumbotron increased their enjoyment of the game.

With so much attention focused on the screen, it only makes sense to use your Jumbotron screen to its full potential by not only showing live action shots, scores, player profiles, and sponsor messages, but to also use the opportunity to market your team, arena, or event using fun and engaging animations.  The experienced pros at MantraHouse will work with your marketing department to produce custom Jumbotron animations that is sure to have your fans coming back for more!

Check out some samples of the Jumbotron animations we’ve produced below.

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