Meberate Abajian

Meberate Abajian

Managing Partner

Meberate Abajian grew up in the small town of Madera Ranchos as a big thinker – dreaming big with both sides of her brain. She enjoys the best of both worlds by tackling accounting, insurance billing, and law, while at the same time fulfilling her creative side; acting in local plays, TV commercials, writing screenplays, poetry, and short stories.

Growing up, she has always had a love for advertising and when a “Do Not Smoke “ ad contest was presented to her in 8th grade, she won first place, presenting the discrepancies of lifestyles between smokers and non-smokers. Her winning ad, “Life is Worth Enjoying not Destroying. Don’t Smoke”, became an outdoor billboard in Fresno County. This simply fed the itch for advertising from a creative perspective. Meberate has an eclectic resume within the creative and professional world, with one being a stop at the Malibu Playhouse to perform in “The Vagina Monologues” while a Theatre Arts major at Pepperdine University. With the motivation to try new things and a hunger for relentless learning, Meberate is currently a pre-law major at Fresno Pacific University and plans to go to back to Pepperdine for law school upon graduation from FPU.

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